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It's been more than a minute since I checked-in on RMA and so much ...

Kobe. COVID-19. Black Lives Matter. Virtual School. Social distancing and self isolation. No 2020 USATF Spring/Summer track season. 

It's been more than a minute since I checked-in on RMA and so much has happened to flip our world upside down! In many ways 2020 has been all kinds of crazy BUT in just as many ways it's been AMAZING too.

Mom and I are back home in Taos, New Mexico. Without coaches or teams to train with this summer, I managed to train myself with support from mom and virtual inspiration from the AMAZING TrackGirlz, lead by Olympian Mechelle Freeman and Wellness Coach Jennifer Forrester.

If you don't know TrackGirlz you should! They provide fun and challenging track activities to keep Athletes on point with their health, fitness, track form and motivation. Proud to say, I was the winner of the $200 "Fast, Fit & Fly" Equipment Grant in June!

Follow Trackgirlz on Instagram and PLEASE support their nonprofit organization! They played a big part in me being able to push through this summer!

Being honest, it also took us a minute to decide what to do with RIGHT MIND ATHLETICS! Losing Kobe in January was HUGE (for us and everybody else) and then came COVID-19 (around the world AND at home), followed by the need to raise awareness and our voices to PROTECT BLACK LIVES

What we realize is RIGHT MIND is needed now more than ever before because staying motivated and focused TODAY is challenging.

We (Athletes) REALLY need support and encouragement to stay the course OR to re-commit to the grind! We need positivity. We need COMMUNITY.

There are a LOT of athletes and athletic programs putting in the work and sharing the tools and information online. We plan to highlight as many as possible to keep you going!

And when AAU and USATF competition does return (AND IT WILL), we ALL need to be ready to compete!

It is time to RISE & GRIND y'all . . .


जय देवी

"There is POWER in understanding the journey of others to help create your own." – Kobe Bryant, MUSE #ChooseGREATNESS

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