Ensō is a Japanese word meaning “circular form". Often referred to as a "Zen Circle", Ensō defines a Zen state of mind reflecting balance, continuity and a sense of completeness.

Right Mind Athletics believes achieving greatness through athletic competition (and in life) starts with the work of getting your mind right.

No matter the sport or profession, ethnicity or gender, examine the preparation, training and lifestyle of any GOAT (greatest of all time). You will discover what they all have in common is a focus on developing a "Right Mind Mentality" to achieve their goals.

In their wisdom Zen masters have taught an Ensō cannot be explained, only experienced. Those who practice the art of the Ensō see it as both simple and hard; acknowledging how the circle is drawn represents your state of mind at that particular moment.

Right Mind Athletics sees you as "the master", your training and work as "the practice", your journey and performance as Ensō, your art.

We're here to support your practice to achieve GREATNESS the RIGHT WAY.

Make the CHOICE. Do the WORK. Execute your DREAM.