• We CUSTOM DESIGN, PRINT and SHIP grit-centric athletic and training apparel for youth and young adult Track & Field athletes.
  • We work on a print on demand model so we don't have to hold stock; meaning we keep apparel costs low and empowerment flowing.
  • We sell LIMITED EDITION collections in 14 DAY sprints. Our intent is to always offer the freshest, most inspired gear available so if you dig it—buy it.
  • Orders ship 7 days after the collection closes.


  • We are believers in and benefactors of "The Village". We believe in supporting Community.
  • We leave competition where it belongson the track, field, court and/or rink. There is enough POSITIVITY to share with e'rbody.
  • Every Limited Edition collection will include (1) t-shirt whose proceeds will benefit a non-profit organization putting in work with youth Athletes. Look for a Mindset post and Instagram props to see who we're giving shout-outs and support to each sprint.