I am Luckie. I launched Right Mind Athletics with my 13 year old daughter, Jaiya Devi जय देवी, to design INSPIRED custom apparel for youth athletes. Jai is an Emerging Elite Athlete – 200M, 400M, Long Jump – so we understand how vital establishing and maintaining the right mindset is when training and competing.

For the past 19 years I have worked as a Technology Program Manager, delivering many products and brands successfully to market for industry leaders. Unfortunately, over the past few years I have increasingly been impacted by age/gender/race bias in the workplace.

In September I was unexpectedly fired by a manager who referred to me as a "marathoner among sprinters", stating I was not the "right cultural fit" for his company. As a result, Jaiya and I also lost our car and home shortly after.

Right Mind Athletics was created to show Jaiya SHE possesses the ability to change her circumstance and overcome the tough times we've recently faced. RMA was a way for me to reclaim my personal power, affirming I am as creative AND technically capable as I have ever been. Our goals, talents and dreams will not be so easily discarded.

Right Mind Athletics is dedicated to supporting athletes the RIGHT WAY and will soon extend our support and encouragement to families working to see their hopes and dreams fulfilled via KIVA.org.

We are here to FUEL DREAMS. Ours. Yours. Theirs. TOGETHER.

Luckie & Jaiya Devi जय देवी