Right Mind Athletics is a DANIELS family grind with purpose . . . dedicated to making our collective gifts work for us as we build legacy together.

We are a TRACK FAMILY with an Emerging Elite Athlete aka Victory Goddess, focused on mastering the 200M, 400M and Long Jump; keeping an open mind to achieving future Pentathlon greatness! Track & Field is not only our grind, it's our family passion.

We are #DanielsSTRONG. We have seen our share of challenges. Those life experiences have made us who we are today. We are forever proud of our story and strength.

We are not leading you on the RIGHT WAY path; we're walking beside you. How can we share Ensō if we are not committed to the journey?

We are GOALDIGGERS . . . each with unique God-given gifts, divine purpose and clear goals to drive our WHY, WHAT and HOW.

Connect with us via Instagram @rightmindathletics and Twitter @rightmindgrind.

Now, dreams work when you do . . . so let's go!