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I remember this day. There's a snapshot Mom took of me kinda snarli...

I remember this day. There's a snapshot Mom took of me kinda snarling because that's how I felt. My left knee was aching, and I hadn't given anywhere near 100% at track practice. I was disappointed in myself. I needed to get my mind right; we stopped so I could "woosah" a minute before ordering our 3rd Uber of the day.

Jaiya - Get Your Mind Right

Not going to pretend doing well in school and training 2-3 days weekly, while houseless (without a car) has been easy for me, or my Mom. Simple things (like getting to school, getting back from school, getting to practice, eating healthy, etc.) become hard. We've had a rough 4 months.

To help me with motivation my big brother Jay (aka RDiio) suggested I watch Kobe Bryant's documentary, MUSE. Watching MUSE and reading Mamba Mentality changed EVERYTHING.

Kobe's mental process helped me with being able to SEE my dream of being an Elite Sprinter. Hearing him talk about being awkward and at times without friends when he returned from Italy with his family, I could relate to. Lessons working through challenges, I get it.

I am committed to bringing GRIND, GRIT and HEART to everything I put my mind to do. Whether it's on the track or in the classroom or working through life challenges.

It doesn't matter the obstacle, my DREAMS aren't going away. They are depending on me to deliver. My DREAMS are depending on me to do the WORK. I am ALL 120% in. I made my choice.

Choose Greatness.

जय देवी

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