Sunday, August 23rd marked the 42nd birthday of LEGEND, Kobe Bryant. And while we could talk all day about losing Kobe, we're choosing instead to FOCUS on what we have and can learn from him.

Be better. Whatever you do, whoever you are and whatever you believe, do this simple thing > determine to be better than you were yesterday.

Devote. 5 minutes, every day this week, commit to taking a deeper look into what drove Kobe to be legendary > Mamba Mentality.

Nike has dedicated an entire WEEK to sharing insights into how Kobe applied and shared with others his Mamba Mentality.

You need this. We all do.

FOCUS on what matters. FOCUS on being better.


जय देवी

"There is POWER in understanding the journey of others to help create your own." – Kobe Bryant, MUSE #ChooseGREATNESS

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