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MAMBA OUT: KOBE 1978-2020

Kobe's documentary, MUSE, motivated me. On some level I feel like E...
MAMBA OUT: KOBE 1978-2020

The man whose pursuit of greatness inspired the creation of RIGHT MIND ATHLETICS, Kobe Bryant, died tragically today. No words can describe the impact Kobe had on the Los Angeles community, Lakers Franchise, athletes and fans of every age, race and gender WORLDWIDENot to mention how Kobe has influenced my life. 

From the start our plan for RIGHT MIND was to create an athletic brand representing the practice of MINDFULNESS + the UNYIELDING GRIND of possessing MAMBA MENTALITY.

Kobe's documentary, MUSE, motivated me. On some level I feel like EVERYTHING about my mindset and training approach has been about Kobe since viewing Muse last November.

Kobe's discipline, motivation, work ethic and his absolute refusal to accept ANYTHING less than GREATNESS challenged and inspired us. Whether you admired him or hated on him, you had to respect his GRIND.

My heart hurts for his family and friends. Kobe will forever be remembered as the phenomenal athlete, father, husband and champion he was. GOAT. BLACK MAMBA. LEGEND.


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