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RDIIO reminds me of this often, and after viewing the first episode...

"His story is your story."

RDIIO reminds me of this often, and after viewing the first episode of Noah Lyle's documentary UNTITLED: The Noah Lyles Project, I can begin to see it.

Disadvantaged. Raised [and now managed] by a hardworking single mom. Overcoming hardships. Managing what most consider a disability. Underestimated. Centering his Mental Health; dedicated to training his brain the way he trains his body.

Episode 1: Chasing Lightning was a [needed] gut punch that has left me both inspired and challenged to raise and exceed the bar pushing me to be MY absolute best; THE absolute best.

I want to run with my soul, too. Noah is clearly showing us what commitment to your life's mission and destiny looks like.

I'm rewatching tonight, just to take notes.

And do not sleep on Noah's family, coaches, trainers and wellness team either. Much science and wisdom dropped in that 1 hour episode:

"When somebody has been given a gift to do something, that's fine and dandy but now the question is what does that person decide to do with it? Do you have the drive? Do you have the desire to put in the work that needs to be done in order to make you the best in the world?" – Douglas Obetz

Yeah. That part.


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