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I am new to Track and Field. Spring 2019 was my first season traini...

I am new to Track and Field. Spring 2019 was my first season training and competing. I always felt I was fast, but once I started, fast or not, I knew I'd found my "thing". All I want to do is RUN. When I'm not running, I'm studying running and Athletes, on all levels, who run the BEST.

The purpose of THE GRIND is to spend time highlighting [and studying] ELITE Track and Field Athletes who put in the work and get the results. Liking an Instagram post is not enough. These Athletes are where I want to be, doing what I believe I can excel at. I need to know their stories, understand their process and work to capture their lessons in my mastering the sport.

My big brother Jay is determined to see me compete in Texas this season. In his eyes, if I can hang with TEXAS Athletes, I'm good. And if I can't, then the bar is set, and it's time to put in more work. Either way, a win-win for me.

We start The GRIND focused on Texas Track and Field, The Longhorns.

Longhorns stats say all we need to know about the team as a whole; both Women's and Men's T&F are ranked NATIONALLY in the TOP 5. But as a black, female, sprinter/jumper, there are some standouts for me!

Julien Alfred became the seventh-fastest 60-meter sprinter in collegiate history when she posted a 7.10 (at altitude) at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Collegiate Invitational in Albuquerque, NM last weekend. JuJu is a SOPHMORE, so no doubt there is MUCH more to come!

Equally gifted and spilling Black Girl Magic every time they show up, teammates Teahna Daniels, ATLien Kennedy Simon and Serenity Douglas

Can't wait to see Hurdler Tara Davis healed-up and back on the track! Read Tara's thoughts on her injury via Instragram. "Be diligent and pay more attention to what you are doing on and off the track. Every step and every stride is important". Sis has RIGHT MIND on lock.


Yep . . . digging deep on the Longhorns this week AND expect to see me competing in Texas this Spring! Join me?

जय देवी

"There is POWER in understanding the journey of others to help create your own." – Kobe Bryant, MUSE #ChooseGREATNESS

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