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I was excited to attend with Mom and 100s of students like me CELEB...

41.9 miles via public transportation. 2 hr 31 min MARTA commute through Downtown – each way. Only 37 degrees. That's how important being part of empowerment speaker Eric Thomas' ATL kick-off of his You Ain't The Boss Of Me Tour was to me.

I was excited to attend with Mom and 100s of students like me CELEBRATING our melanin, style, FLOW, voice, community and untapped potential. I've never sat in an auditorium like that before; surrounded by mostly black students so proud of who we are and what we represent. 

We got schooled by Harvard Debate Council Diversity Project members on the importance of representing. Gathering at Benjamin Banneker High School to receive lessons on LEGACY and TIME.

Benjamin Banneker, self-educated mathematician, astronomer, farmer and author; inventor of the first American clock. Scholars were challenged to answer this question – "What will you do to ensure your clock never stops ticking?"

A young entrepreneur with pure GRIND, we met 14 year old Trey Brown and his sweet Mom, Ms. Sherell. Trey is CEO and Founder of SPERGO, a global lifestyle brand attracting praise and support everywhere! Even with celebrity clients, worldwide distribution, 2 CNN commericals and a billboard on Times Square, Trey's still asking, WHAT'S NEXT?!

Eric Thomas is in our house every morning by way of YouTube, so seeing him in person kinda felt like I was visiting my cool, relatable Uncle visiting from Detroit. Eric is not about excuses; making us 120% responsible for being our own boss. He is REAL. Inspiring. Clear. He wants to see young people taking our shot at success NOW.

I didn't get a chance to tell him how his words have lifted us on our hardest days and how thankful I was to attend. Appreciate Ms. Jackson and the School Days with ET sponsorship we received.

Thank you Eric. I see and hear you man. We got this!

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